Thursday, 30 September 2010

Eco-Chic: Take Another Look at Vintage Clothes

Did you know that vintage clothes is the eco-choice to have and is more ecologially sound than buying new clothes? The reason is because buying a dress the second time around means you avoid consuming all the energy used in producing and shipping a new one and, therefore,the carbon emissions associated with it. Every item of clothing you own has an impact on the environment. Some synthetic textiles are made with petroleum products. Usually developed countries such as the U.S A are high in emitting carbon emissions. We are actually second on the global scale after China. Because of this we all have to be more responsible about our individual carbon footprint.

A great way to change your wardrobe, and help the environment and yourself, is to invite some friends over and have a Clothing swap. You take their old clothes they don't want, and they get a new wardrobe,everyone's happy,and it's great on your pocketbook.

How to Figure out Vintage Clothes-
( A charming video from Strawberry Koi)

After a Fashion: How to Reproduce, Restore, and Wear Vintage Styles

Ultimate Clothes for the Lady by Marcello Dudovich. Size 17.75 X 26.50 Art Poster Print

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Lifestyle Changes: Bring Your Own Bag

The best thing is to get started right away. One key to using your own bags is putting them in your purse before you leave the house, in case you want to do some spontaneous shopping it's always there. Another tip, if you have a car is to get into the habit of putting the bags back into the trunk of your car, just as soon as you put away the groceries. This way there always there and you can't make an excuse that you forgot once you got to the grocery store.

This bag was given to me as a gift, and I am still using it 6 months later.

This bag is so small, and you can fold it, into your purse. No more excuses for using plastic bags this time.

Where to Buy My Pouch

Envirosax Botanica Pouch,Green,one size

Other Ideas,you'll want to bag. No pun intended.

Simple lifestyle changes, will make a world a difference, not just in your life, but in the life of the planet. We have to care enough to want to make these changes. It's all up to you. When your ready, you'll make the change. Hopefully sooner than later.

Thank you in advance.
Cheers  & Happy Shopping !

More Eco Friendly Tips in GREEN BOHEMIAN LIVING so Stay Tuned !

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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Bring Your Own Bag

Plastic Bags are a hazard for the environment and most bags just end up in land fields.Did you know that our society goes through 500,000,000,000 (500 billion)plastic bags annually. That is 1 million bags per minute. And these bags, which are usually made of high density polyehylene (HDPE) remain in existence for up to 1,000 years. It would be lucky if these bags would just make it to the dump and stay put for the 1,000 year lifetime but many of them end up in the ocean killing marine animals that mistake them for food.

In Africa, because of a magnitude of windblown bags, a cottage industry has sprung up harvesting bags and using them to weave hats, and even bags.One man is making plastic poles with his collection of plastic bags.

Although plastic bag commerce is the livelyhood of many people in Uganda. Recently,there has been a ban on plastic bags in Uganda.

Many countries and American cities have started banning bags or taxing them. But what can we do to cut down on these astounding numbers. Bring your own bag! If you bring your own high quality resuable bag with you to the market or mall. One bag has the potential to eliminate an average of 1,000 plastic bags in it's lifetime!

There are many places that you can buy a reusable shopping bag that will end up paying for itself if your grocer offers a credit of $.05 cents per bag. Many stores do this, Whole Foods, and Traders Joes does this. It seems every store is offering these reusable bag usually for the reasonable price of just $1.00.

You can make your own bags from items around the house.

Check out the websites for ideas below:

Do your own research, you'll  always find new ideas that you can find on the web.

In the nextGreen Bohemian Living.I'll show you some cute bags that you can put inside your purse.

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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Part 2: How to Have a Green Lifestyle


When I lived in London, I lived in a neighborhood in East London,where there were no recylcing bins to even put your recycling in.I was pretty disgusted with the apathy of the local people.(It's not to say that all London neighborhoods are like this). I called the local Recyling Center and asked them to deliver the bins to our house. They were delivered within about a week. But, then you also have to encourage your other neighbors to RECYLCE. So, if you aren't recyling in your neighborhood or you live in apartment where the landlord has not called the Recyling Center, be proactive and call them yourself. Your neighbors will thank you.I think a lot more people would recyle if they had the bins and it was easier.

Given the state of the planet, everyone should be doing there share of recycling. But, there are some things that get thrown in the Trash that should have been RECYCLED. For example you can recycle your old sneakers by taking them to Nike Grind. Nike uses this material for playgrounds.

Grow Vegetable Garden

It's so much fun to have your own garden. You can have food all year round. Plus, you have pesiticide free vegetables and fruits. You also don't have to worry about wasting gas or commuting costs, which also contribute to air pollution and environmental destruction. It's best to have an
organic vegetable garden
and do your own composting.

Use Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

David Steinman, coauthor of The Safe Shopper's Bible, advises looking at labels for specific, eco-friendly ingredients that also perform effectively. These include grain alcohol instead of toxic butyl cellosolve as a solvent; coconut or other plant oils rather than petroleum in detergents; and plant-oil disinfectants such as eucalyptus, rosemary, or sage, rather than triclosan. You can also mix your own cleaners,a few safe, simple ingredients such as plain soap, water, baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), vinegar, washing soda (sodium carbonate), lemon juice, and borax can satisfy most household cleaning needs -- and save you money at the same time.

These products have the best results, and clean just as well as your brand name products.Remember, this is your home not a hospital.

In future blogs, I will be writing more on how to Make an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Kit and offering other solutions on how to clean your house, and your clothes,without damaging the environment.

Famers Markets

Going to Farmers Markets in your area where you live or if you are travelling is the best way to save on produce and also a great way to help the local farmers. Sometimes if you go late they will even give you a few deals. Going green shouldn't be all work and no play, and the best green cities celebrate their eco-friendly lifestyles with farmers' markets full of tasty (and unusual) treats, bars and restaurants serving the best organic fare, intriguing exhibits by ecologically minded artists, and music festivals that offer bike valet parking and solar-powered stages.

Santa Monica photo by clarity flickr

Borough Market London

L.A.'s Original Farmers Market Cookbook: Meet Me at 3rd and Fairfax

L.A.'s Original Farmers Market Cookbook: Meet Me at 3rd and Fairfax

Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades: The Complete Guide to Organic Gardening

Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades: The Complete Guide to Organic Gardening

More Eco Friendly Lifestyle tips in Green Bohemian Living!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Part 1: How to Have a Green Lifestyle

The best way to be GREEN is to incorporate good GREEN habits in your lifestyle.Once habits are so ingrained in your being things will be automatically second nature.We all have to be responsible for our own carbon footprint.

Ride a Bike

The best way to cut down on pollution and take hold of your carbon footprint is to ride a bike, instead of using a car.I haven't driven a car in nearly 6 years.
I didn't have to living Berkeley in 4 years, where they have the best transport system in the nation. Also, it's quite chic to ride your bike everywhere in Berkeley. I bought a vintage bike for $100, and I fell in love with riding it.
Riding bikes turned into a hobby and I actually would think deeply about my life and write poetry in my head while riding my bike.Plus, it's great excercise and to be out in the fresh air is such a positive feeling.Of course, if you live in Los Angeles, where there's the worst air and pollution in the nation, you might want to consider when and where you ride a bike, but by and by, ride a bike as much as you can.

Also, living in London, many people ride the tube and commute to work. Many people actually don't have cars, and being carless is no big deal.
The people that do have cars, many of them, ride bikes as much as possible. Whatever, the reason, try to incorporate riding a bike in your everyday life.

Put the cotton canvas in your purse
The best way to not use those silly plastic bags or even paper bags is to put a canvas bag in your purse or if you are a man stash it in your back pack. This way you always have it for unexpected runs to the store, or let's say you want to do some shopping if you are a woman. Well, now you have it. The planet organic store in London sells them for just 2.00.It's very chic instead of using those tacky bags.

Use Clothing at a Thrift Stores/Charity Shops
Shopping at thrift stores is an excellent way to save money. Not only that you will build a wardrobe on some unique clothing items. Sometimes, you can spot beautiful haute couture items to make you feel and look like a serious fashionista. One time, I found a Cynthia Rawley jacket for just $8 at a local thrift store in Los Angeles.Every time, I wore it I felt like a rock star.In Los Angeles, since there are many celebrities there are also just as many stylist.Celebrities will wear an outfit once or twice and donate it to charity or thrift stores. So there you go a gorgeous outfit for under $20. Not to mention, all the wonderful accessories you can buy so you can have unforgettable style.

Use Thermos

While I lived in London, often head down to Kensingston Gardens or Hyde Park and enjoy my Spanish omelet and my thermos of Earl Grey. This travel mug helps me save hundreds of paper cups from ruining the environment. Starbucks gives me .25 p off and I don't have to waste cups. Those paper cups, especially the Styrofoam cups have a lot of chlorofluorocarbons in them. This is very bad for the environment.
Bodum Travel Mug

Use Hemp

Use Hemp whenever you can. When you are decorating or re-decorating, think,HEMP. Hemp is extremely versatile, you can use it for curtains for your living room for a light and airy feel. You can use it for shower curtains, lining for just about anything, covering and pillow cases.If you don't like it's natural color, you may also dye it to suit your decor or the theme of your room.

Hemp is naturally one of the most ecologically friendly fabrics and also the oldest. Hemp has superior insulation properties. Natural organic hemp fiber 'breathes' and is biodegradable. Hemp blended with other fibers easily incorporate the desirable qualities of both textiles.
So Think Hemp!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Bohemian Chic for Those in the Green

Having a green, eco-friendly home that is still chic will bring you great satisfaction and beauty.Going GREEN by design should be seen not as an obligation,but as laying the foundations to living a beautiful life. A life lived without any regrets and knowing that you are doing your share to save the planet. Here are some ideas to bring out your innate style, your resourcefulness,and creativity.They will also add a bit of pizzaz to your home. Most importantly, make you feel great that you are making responsible decisions about your personal carbon footprint.

Vintage Furniture:

Vintage furniture pieces are intrinsically green as no virgin materials or energy are consumed by reusing them. Not only that, there are economical and ever so eco-friendly chic!

It's very green and chic to choose vintage furniture when decorating one's home. One can buy or get vintage furniture virtually anywhere and from anyone.You could go to garage sales, car boot sales(in UK),Flea Markets, eBay, you may be so lucky to inherit a lovely armoire from your Gran.

If you see a piece of furniture you can't live without but it has a few knicks, take it home and do a few repairs. Alternatively, if you see a furniture, and it needs a paint job, you can do all sorts of creative things to it. You can get creative and paint it by using varying techniques: lacquer( black lacquer is very modern chic), faux finish, and even paint some flowers on it. Whatever suits your fancy.You can even decoupage it. Just be creative, and voila,you have a new piece of furniture that won't break the bank and is very ORIGINAL!!!

Paper is not just for decorating walls. Along with other natural fibers, such as jute, sea grass and sisal, paper yarn is a sophisticated, naturally grown alternative to carpet.Stronger than the name suggests, strips of paper are twisted to make a yarn which is then woven to produce something durable and hardwearing. A Finnish company called Woodnotes produces recyclable paper carpets in colours from classic white to dark violet that are also soil-repellent.

The Practical Beauty of Hemp:
Use Hemp whenever you can. When you are decorating or re-decorating, think,HEMP. Hemp is extremely versatile, you can use it for curtains for your living room for a light and airy feel. You can use it for shower curtains, lining for just about anything, covering and pillow cases.If you don't like it's natural color, you may also dye it to suit your decor or the theme of your room.

Hemp is naturally one of the most ecologically friendly fabrics and also the oldest. Hemp has superior insulation properties. Natural organic hemp fiber 'breathes' and is biodegradable. Hemp blended with other fibers easily incorporate the desirable qualities of both textiles. So Think Hemp!

Be Creative with your recycling
You can take old French Revolutionary pamphlets and decorate your entire wall.Or,another original and fun look Can be achieved with newspapers or magazines. An even funner look would be to use foreign language newspapers and magazines. Something about seeing Italian or French on your walls adds a certain old world je ne sais quoiand a very bohemian appeal.

If you have unwanted magazines that are still gorgeous, use them to create a fun chic look.I created this look with French Glamour magazines. It's very easy
to do and it's fun.If you are interested you may read my ehow article on How to Create Themed Magazine Wall paper and see for yourself all the different ways you can create your own look.

A glamourous look juxtaposed with elegant pieces like an antique clock and a Degas painting gives an old world charm and Parisian apartment feel.

BohoChic Walls,project done by LA BOHEME DESIGNS

Eco Friendly Paints
When you do paint use eco-friendly paints. Why? Because conventional paints are petroleum or oil based and have a high solvent content made up of Volatile Organic Compounds ( VOCs), which remain in the air as potentially harmful vapors. Environmentally friendly paints are water based and/or contain natural oils,mineral or chalk pigments. This means there are no toxic waste and no toxic fumes. This means it's good for you and for the environment.Toxic waste goes into our waterways and causes unneeded pollution in our lands and seas.

Here are few brands of ecofriendly paints that I recommend:
-Benjamin Moore Aura (GreenGuard):
-Olympic Premium (Green Seal)
-Sherwin-Williams Harmony (GreenGuard

There are different ways you can paint a wall.One way to paint is Faux Finish. Faux finish also add a versatile look. It can be rustic,dreamy, whimsical,bohemian,traditional. There are many types of faux finish styles to compliment your interior, as well as the archictecture of your home.

So, there you have it, a few ideas to make your home not just beautiful and chic, but GREEN and CHIC. Whether your taste is Bohemian or just plain elegant and traditional, you can stay true to your own style and still be GREEN with the aformentioned tips.

Some Cool Websites:
Top Ten Online Vintage Shops

For Projects or to Revamp Your Home:
Vintage Furniture Painting

Vintage Furniture Painting


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