Sunday, 4 April 2010

Part 1: How to Have a Green Lifestyle

The best way to be GREEN is to incorporate good GREEN habits in your lifestyle.Once habits are so ingrained in your being things will be automatically second nature.We all have to be responsible for our own carbon footprint.

Ride a Bike

The best way to cut down on pollution and take hold of your carbon footprint is to ride a bike, instead of using a car.I haven't driven a car in nearly 6 years.
I didn't have to living Berkeley in 4 years, where they have the best transport system in the nation. Also, it's quite chic to ride your bike everywhere in Berkeley. I bought a vintage bike for $100, and I fell in love with riding it.
Riding bikes turned into a hobby and I actually would think deeply about my life and write poetry in my head while riding my bike.Plus, it's great excercise and to be out in the fresh air is such a positive feeling.Of course, if you live in Los Angeles, where there's the worst air and pollution in the nation, you might want to consider when and where you ride a bike, but by and by, ride a bike as much as you can.

Also, living in London, many people ride the tube and commute to work. Many people actually don't have cars, and being carless is no big deal.
The people that do have cars, many of them, ride bikes as much as possible. Whatever, the reason, try to incorporate riding a bike in your everyday life.

Put the cotton canvas in your purse
The best way to not use those silly plastic bags or even paper bags is to put a canvas bag in your purse or if you are a man stash it in your back pack. This way you always have it for unexpected runs to the store, or let's say you want to do some shopping if you are a woman. Well, now you have it. The planet organic store in London sells them for just 2.00.It's very chic instead of using those tacky bags.

Use Clothing at a Thrift Stores/Charity Shops
Shopping at thrift stores is an excellent way to save money. Not only that you will build a wardrobe on some unique clothing items. Sometimes, you can spot beautiful haute couture items to make you feel and look like a serious fashionista. One time, I found a Cynthia Rawley jacket for just $8 at a local thrift store in Los Angeles.Every time, I wore it I felt like a rock star.In Los Angeles, since there are many celebrities there are also just as many stylist.Celebrities will wear an outfit once or twice and donate it to charity or thrift stores. So there you go a gorgeous outfit for under $20. Not to mention, all the wonderful accessories you can buy so you can have unforgettable style.

Use Thermos

While I lived in London, often head down to Kensingston Gardens or Hyde Park and enjoy my Spanish omelet and my thermos of Earl Grey. This travel mug helps me save hundreds of paper cups from ruining the environment. Starbucks gives me .25 p off and I don't have to waste cups. Those paper cups, especially the Styrofoam cups have a lot of chlorofluorocarbons in them. This is very bad for the environment.
Bodum Travel Mug

Use Hemp

Use Hemp whenever you can. When you are decorating or re-decorating, think,HEMP. Hemp is extremely versatile, you can use it for curtains for your living room for a light and airy feel. You can use it for shower curtains, lining for just about anything, covering and pillow cases.If you don't like it's natural color, you may also dye it to suit your decor or the theme of your room.

Hemp is naturally one of the most ecologically friendly fabrics and also the oldest. Hemp has superior insulation properties. Natural organic hemp fiber 'breathes' and is biodegradable. Hemp blended with other fibers easily incorporate the desirable qualities of both textiles.
So Think Hemp!

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