Thursday, 30 September 2010

Eco-Chic: Take Another Look at Vintage Clothes

Did you know that vintage clothes is the eco-choice to have and is more ecologially sound than buying new clothes? The reason is because buying a dress the second time around means you avoid consuming all the energy used in producing and shipping a new one and, therefore,the carbon emissions associated with it. Every item of clothing you own has an impact on the environment. Some synthetic textiles are made with petroleum products. Usually developed countries such as the U.S A are high in emitting carbon emissions. We are actually second on the global scale after China. Because of this we all have to be more responsible about our individual carbon footprint.

A great way to change your wardrobe, and help the environment and yourself, is to invite some friends over and have a Clothing swap. You take their old clothes they don't want, and they get a new wardrobe,everyone's happy,and it's great on your pocketbook.

How to Figure out Vintage Clothes-
( A charming video from Strawberry Koi)

After a Fashion: How to Reproduce, Restore, and Wear Vintage Styles

Ultimate Clothes for the Lady by Marcello Dudovich. Size 17.75 X 26.50 Art Poster Print

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