Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Lifestyle Changes: Bring Your Own Bag

The best thing is to get started right away. One key to using your own bags is putting them in your purse before you leave the house, in case you want to do some spontaneous shopping it's always there. Another tip, if you have a car is to get into the habit of putting the bags back into the trunk of your car, just as soon as you put away the groceries. This way there always there and you can't make an excuse that you forgot once you got to the grocery store.

This bag was given to me as a gift, and I am still using it 6 months later.

This bag is so small, and you can fold it, into your purse. No more excuses for using plastic bags this time.

Where to Buy My Pouch

Envirosax Botanica Pouch,Green,one size

Other Ideas,you'll want to bag. No pun intended.

Simple lifestyle changes, will make a world a difference, not just in your life, but in the life of the planet. We have to care enough to want to make these changes. It's all up to you. When your ready, you'll make the change. Hopefully sooner than later.

Thank you in advance.
Cheers  & Happy Shopping !

More Eco Friendly Tips in GREEN BOHEMIAN LIVING so Stay Tuned !

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