Friday, 17 June 2011

The Benefits of Sustainable Travel

Whether it's to seal a big deal, or climb a very high mountain, travel is an important part of our lives. As the number of travelers continues to increase each year, we learn more about the devastating effect travel and tourism can have on the environment and local cultures. Businesses, educators, and individuals need to be responsible travelers. Whether you are a corporation, a traveler, a professor, or a travel provider, find out how you can support sustainable tourism and responsible travel. Enables Travelers to protect the environment, social, culture and economic value of the places they visit and the planet at large.

Sustainable Tourist can reduce the impact of tourism in many ways:

  • informing themselves of the culture, politics and economy of the places they visit

  • Anticipating and respecting the cultures expectation and assumptions

  • Contibuting to interculture understanding and tolerance

  • Supporting the integrity of local cultures by favoring businesses which conserve cultural heritage and traditional values

  • Supporting local economies by purchasing local goods and participating with small local businesses

  • Conserving resources by seeking out businesses that are environmentally conscious, and by using the least amount of possible non-renewable resources

  • Please take a moment to watch a short video about the Benefits of Sustainable Travel:

    /More Eco-Friendly Tips in the Next Green Boho Living,

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