Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Designer Clothes for Next to Nothing

If you like to dress in beautiful clothes, I know I do, I know just the place for you, The $2 Store ! That's right just  2 whole dollars. The 2 Dollar Store receives shipments daily from local  Movie and TV studios and turns around and sells them to the public for a dime.

The most awesome thing about this is these clothes are in good quality, gently used if used at all.
The clothes there are the latest trends and styles and are fashionable and chic. My first time there, I bought a beautiful black linen long sleeved blouse with ruffles and pleats that is versatile and I can wear to work. Lately, I found a gypsy wench like Lacey white blouse with sleeves off the shoulder which is perfect for me since I have been looking for something like this to wear at the Renaissance Festival. I also found a beautiful DONNA KARAN silver grey cocktail dress in just my size that I can't wait to wear when the weather gets warmer.

They carry Designers such as JUICY COUTURE, GUESS! HOLLISTER, BEBE, JESSICA SIMPSON, BANANA REPUBLIC, JIMMY CHOO, AND MARC JACOBS.  They also carry local Angeleno designers from private boutiques on Melrose, Hollywood and Rodeo Drive.

The 2$ Store is located  in the heart of the Russian District in West Hollywood on Santa Monica Boulevard, 2 blocks East of Fairfax. The address is 7713 Santa Monica Boulevard, cross street is Spaulding. If you bring  a friend, but 5 items and get the 6th item for free ! You have absolutely and excuse to not look chic and stylish now that you know about the $2 Dollar Store.

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